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We care how your information is used and we appreciate your sharing and trust and so we have a privacy policy in place which respects your information and asserts that it is used soley for the purpose it was provided for, and is never passed on to any other person, place or business for private or other use, unless special permission has been granted and signed by you in writing.

  • Whether you are just visiting,  buying a product, completing or sending any forms please be assured that any personal information you share is soley for the purpose of the application or the security of the purchase, and security of the downloadable files
  • Your payment information is protected by Paypal, which encrypts the information you share. Paypal is a secure payment gateway with encrypted SSL software for your protection and because it is secure it is the only payment gateway we use on this site.
  • All music on this site is copyrighted and protected by law. When you purchase an mp3 track/s or downloaded a music score/s the music is solely for the purpose of private use only and not for free distribution or re-sale or commercial use at all in any format.
  • No music teachers or others may copy and/or pass the pdf scores/mp3 files onto any students or other persons whatsoever, and none of the music mp3s or pdf files or any others on this site may be embedded into any other format.
  • Photocopying scores or sharing files is prohibited by law and no files may be copied and/or shared by any electronic or mechanical medium or altered for re-use in any format whatsoever.
  • Should you wish to licence any music or scores or information on this site for any form of commercial or non-commerical use on radio, television, film, streaming and internet sites, live performance, dance or other classes, or any other form of public presentation or communication, then you may do so by addressing your request in writing to: ctacadmusic@mweb.co.za and outlining all the details the music or information is required for, when and for what purpose. If permission might be granted then full acknowledgment is expected under the agreed upon criteria.
  • The information in the site and herein is applicable to The World as a territory.
  • With respect to any breach of these conditions by a defaulting party,  I/we are indemnified against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, attorneys fees against or suffered by the affected party with respect to any matter that arises as a result of a breach of legal rights and copyright law (in The World).
  • To request a copy of these Terms and Conditions and Agreement send an e-mail to ctacadmusic@mweb.co.za