Friends of the Cape Town Academy of Music

(Registered cultural charity NPO #077942)

Mission: Promoting musical excellence through education, performance, examinations and festival events.
Specific Aims:
1. To provide excellent music education which promotes self growth and fosters a love of artistic and moral values.
2. Equip students for further study or for going directly into the music industry.
3. Host concerts, workshops, masterclasses, competitions and other educational events for aspiring young musicians
4. To encourage further education and gain valuable experience from established musicians and teachers.
5. To improve lives and foster cultural education.
6. To secure financial resources to provide bursaries and scholarships for talented and needy students.
7. To encourage music study part time or full time (diploma courses) at the Cape Town Academy of Music.
8. To encourage careers in music through musical entrepreneurship courses.
9. To attract international music students to Cape Town.
10 To host and stage of the Cape Town International Guitar Festival and Avril Kinsey Classical Guitar Competition.

Constitution: Formally constituted as a non profit voluntary organisation in December 2009 with a governing board and office bearing committee of 4 persons in 4 portfolios, namely Chairperson, Co-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. We obtain the assistance of volunteers for the hands on event work. Previous helpers have included students and parents of CTAM, AFDA students and voluntary community members.

Board and Advisory Board: Steven Felmore (Chairperson),  Avril Kinsey (Programme and Project Director), Ann Coltham BSoc Sci (Nigel Bailey Consulting), Paul Gouws (Penfin Chartered Accountants), Guthrie and Colananni Attorneys.

Major achievements:
1. The first-ever Cape Town International Guitar Festival and Avril Kinsey Classical Guitar Competition was an enormous success. It was hosted at the historic wine farm of Groot Constantia where it attracted musicians and teachers from as far afield as the USA, the Far East, Spain and the Netherlands with many students and guests from all over South Africa.  There were over 60 entrants in the Avril Kinsey Classical Guitar Competition which offered over R75,000. worth of prizes.
2. Sponsorship of Trinity College London exams  for 100% of all our students doing the exams.
3. Sponsorship of numerous individual students who have excelled in the first year of the Music Artist Diploma Course.
4. Sponsorship of specific previously disadvantaged students who want to teach music in their community.

Major Sponsors:  The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) sponsors FCTAM annually to support music students at the Cape Town Academy of Music to do Trinity College London and other internationally accredited exams.  FCTAM has been sponsored by ACT, BASA, SA Classical Guitar Society, Ackermans, Hannabach Strings, Bothners, Soundworks, PCAP, Penfin Accounting and the NAC as well as private donors in the past.  See the sponsors page

To Donate or Sponsor:
We welcome any donation, small or large. It will help make a special cultural, musical and significant difference in the life of a young person, who would not ordinarily be able to afford music career training with life skills, entrepreneurship skills and business skills, besides becoming the best musician they can. There are 5 options below.


Leya Batyi: singers live audition for FCTAM on CAPE TALK radio with Dr Avril Kinsey & Kieno Kammies

1. The public can support one student for a term at only R1850. and they receive their own student to follow for a term and get invited to our concerts, talks and open days during the year.
2. Corporate donations over R2,000. or over $200. will be given a specific student to follow throughout the year of study and will be invited to our concerts, talks and open days.

  • 2. BRONZE SPONSORSHIP: R2000. to R9,900.(includes following a student with feedback and membership to a special event with the CPO orchestra)
  • 3. SILVER SPONSORSHIP: R10,000. to R49,900.
    (includes following a student with feedback and membership to a special event with the CPO orchestra and to a Artscape  Premier event.

  • 4. GOLD SPONSORSHIP: R50,000. to R100,000.
    (includes following a student with feedback and membership to 2 special events with the CPO, and two Premier events at Artscape. 

  • 5. PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP: R100,000. or more
    (includes following a student with feedback and membership to attend 5 concerts of either the CPO and/or Artscape productions,  as well as a special engraved copper plate for their company or family.

All sponsors receive their logo and details on our website,  or may remain anonymous.

Bank Details:
Standard Bank
Branch: Fish Hoek Main Rd
Friends of the Cape Town Academy of Music (NPO 077942)
Account No: 374231133
Ref: Your name & category of sponsorship

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Thank you! Donating to Friends of the Cape Town Academy of Music (CTAMUSIC) means you become part of our programme of sponsoring and nurturing musical talent to study for a career in music. Our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze tier donations receive privileges as outlined above. The minimum donation is $50. or kindly specify your own amount over and above. Please indicate Sponsor a Student, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum in the instruction box provided for the following amounts: Bronze: $100 to $1,000. Silver: $1,000. to $5,000. Gold: $5,000. to $10,000. and Platinum: $10,000. and more. Your donation may be made in ZAR equivalent, but is processed in US dollars because it is secure through our Paypal encrypted service. All donations receive acknowledgment of their membership on the same day as the donation is received.
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