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Dr. Avril Kinsey is an internationally renowned, award winning musician and screenwriter, a published composer and author. The Cape Town Academy of Music (CTAM), which Avril founded in 2000, is a boutique academy specialising in music tuition, and in training students to teach the musical arts. International accreditation is through Trinity College London exam work.

CTAM offers several instrument choices as well as voice, in a variety of genres, including rock and pop. In 2020 Avril founded the video and film department of the Cape Town Academy of Music responsible for bringing to life uplifting music videos and films focussed on nature and music.

She is the first female classical guitar/composer to be awarded a creative Doctor of Music degree in South Africa. Here’s an opportunity to hear Avril’s interview with Edewede Oriwoh. Dr. AVRIL KINSEY


“My teaching is about showing students a glimpse of what it is to be an artist in the highest sense. To guide them towards experiencing that place inside where the joy of creativity, technique, understanding all come together in the moment of performing to the best of one’s ability, because quality breeds success.” A Kinsey. 

MUSIC ARTIST DIPLOMA (MA Dip.) which includes practical instrumental or voice training with theory of music, ear training (aural) and songwriting and composition options.

ASSOCIATE & LICENTIATE  Trinity College London (ATCL)  and (LTCL) Teacher Training Diplomas available STUDY PART TIME & ONLINE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

GRADE EXAMS for all ages include piano, guitar and voice up to ATCL level for performance recitals.

Part time studies are available in a variety of instruments and genres. To apply you need to go through a consultation/audition, but first please kindly send an email to the Director at: ctacadmusic@mweb.co.za  In this email please include your age, instrument of choice, area you reside in, your matric or latest school percentage, as well as current level of music achievement.

The Associate Trinity College London (ATCL),  and Licentiate Trinity College London (LTCL) Teaching Diplomas can be done full-time, or part-time from anywhere in the world with Dr Kinsey’s long distance SKYPE course options, which includes course supervision, marking of written materials, assessments on observed and actual lesson teaching, as well as editing services. 

    • Student Queries:
      1. How do we apply? We set up a consultation/audition at which the student can ask all manner of questions.  We get to know your aspirations, goals, and levels of achievement and we advise accordingly.
      2. Do you offer bursaries? Yes, from year to year we have a limited number of bursaries for talented deserving students in the second year of study.
      3. Is it possible to work while studying at CTAM? Yes, the courses do allow students to do part time work, as long as it does not interfere in the student’s overall progress and submission of work and attendance is at least 80% of all classes. We encourage work in the creative and performance arts.
      4. Does the academy offer accommodation? We are not a large facility, so students generally find their own accommodation.
      5. What are the costs? Fees are worked out based on the number of subjects the student takes. Fees are subject to the length of the class 45 or 60 minutes and whether they are one on one lessons or group classes. Advanced studies are all one hour per subject.
      6. What is the registration fee? The registration/administration fee is also the consultation fee. So for an extensive consultation you have also covered your once off yearly admin fee of R550. or $30.

Find out more by clicking on  MUSIC ARTIST DIPLOMA COURSE
Students can study: MUSIC PERFORMANCE and/or COMPOSITION, MUSIC EDUCATION (theory and practical teaching).

Dr. Kinsey is an outstanding teacher with a passion for music, which has inspired me, and which has greatly increased my knowledge and love of music. Daniel Grant

I‘ve thoroughly enjoyed doing my LTCL instrumental teaching under the supervision of Avril Kinsey. She puts in the utmost effort with every individual. I am ever so grateful and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve a diploma qualification. Talisa Symons

CTAMs Diploma course is essential for any musician who is serious about making music their full time career. The material is engaging and more importantly makes learning interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the songwriting sessions … while Avril’s knowledge and guidance for the ATCL course was eye opening. T Markowitsch

One can absolutely not go wrong under the guidance and tuition of Avril Kinsey. She has shown me what it is to be an inspirational teacher. I gained so much knowledge and experience in becoming professional in such a short period of time. Thank you Cape Town Academy of Music for opening doors I never thought would even cross my path!  Karin Jonker 

I highly recommend classical guitar lessons with Avril Kinsey. Her depth of knowledge and ability to inspire emotion, passion and artistry, even in the relatively untalented, is profound. She is also adept at providing a framework for important fundamentals of technique. An amazing person and teacher to have in your life.
Andreas Van Wyk.

Avril coached me on every aspect of performing. To have a teacher of Avril’s expertise is a rare and valuable opportunity. Steven Kukard

Consult with Avril regarding one on one lessons, group classes, online lessons, or to find out if you qualify for acceptance into any of the Diploma courses. Send an e-mail with QUERY CTAM in the subject line to: akinsey@mweb.co.za  or book your consultation here.

Our highly acclaimed Vocal and Piano teacher JANETTE CILLIERS continues teaching with CTAM in 2024.  She has a Masters degree in music with vocal technique as the study of her thesis. She also holds a Fellowship from the Trinity College of London in Singing Performance. As a former solo opera singer with CAPAB and winner of the Crescendo light music competition she has experience in various genres of singing. She loves to discover talent and loves developing vocal techniques of young,  as well as adult singers who wish to explore their own abilities as performers or just for fun. With her vast experience in the recording studio, having been a radio broadcast artist and a vocal trainer for young recording artists we are very excited to welcome this highly accomplished and passionate teacher to be part of our team.

New to our team is guitar teacher IAN ANDERSON who specialised in a variety of styles of acoustic and electric guitar music.