Research, Music Books & Publications


Narrative Music in Ballet for DMus Composition Portfolio (Nelson Mandela University)

Guitar repertoire and SA Composers MMus Research (University of Cape Town)

Music entrepreneurship research and the future of art music (Cape Town Academy of Music)

Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey’s field recordings (Rhodes University, International Library of African Music)

The Ud in Turkish music (for the film script The Wild Coast)

MMus DEGREE (awarded cum laude)

MMus research: Music for Classical Guitar by South African Composers:
A historical survey, notes on selected works and a general catalogue (University of Cape Town)
308 pages with supervision by Dr Hendrik Hofmeyr


DMus: An orchestral and ensemble Composition Portfolio on the theme of Nature


Celtic Guitar Duets: Ode to O’ Carolan. Cape Town: Art Music (CM02), 2007

Guitar on Safari: Concert in Miniature Series. Cape Town: Art Music (CM01), 2006

Guitar Music from Africa:(6 solos and 6 duos). Forward by Colin Cooper, Cape Town: Art Music (ISBN-0-620-1965-8), 1996


‘Brief History of the Classical Guitar in South Africa (Part 1),’ Classical Guitar, Vol. 29, No. 6 (February 2011), pp. 28-32.

‘Brief History of the Classical Guitar in South Africa (Part 2),’ Classical Guitar, Vol. 29, No. 7 (March 2011), pp. 19-21.

‘Gregory Newton and David Grimes on Tour to the Cape Town International Guitar Festival,’ Soundboard, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3 (2011), pp. 83-86.

‘Creating Guitar Music in South Africa, The Past and Present,’ Classical Guitar, Vol. 15  No. 11 (1997), pp. 24-29.

‘Concurso Internacional de Guitarra de Sevilla (22 to 26 October, 2012) with Antón Garcia Abril, Zoran Dukic, Jeffrey McFadden, Paolo Pegoraro, Judicaël Perroy and others,’ (for Classical Guitar, unpublished)

The Wild Coast (full feature screenplay), Library of Congress, (PAu3-071-513), 2006


Discovering 320 works by 72 South African Composers for the inaugural opening of the International Guitar Research Centre (IGRC), Surrey University, 2014

Discovering 320 works by 72 South African Composers for Mannes University, The New School of Music, New York, 2014

Overcoming Performance Nerves, Volterra Project, Italy, 2012

South African Composers for the Classical Guitar and Overcoming Performance Nerves, Cape Town International Guitar Festival, 2011

South African Composers for the Classical Guitar, Royal Academy of Music, 2010

South African Composers for the Classical Guitar, South African Society for Research in Music Conference, 2009

  • Guitar Music From Africa (Book and/or CD)
  • Guitar on Safari (Book and /or CD)

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