Commission Avril

Composing for a commission is a thrilling and rewarding experience for Avril.  She loves working with your ideas to deliver a piece of music that is fresh, yet in keeping with the brief, and which also offers something unique and specific to any selected artists technique, style and ability as well as to any format required.  

Her style is melodic, atmospheric yet entertaining, often painting pictures with sound.  She utilizes tonal, modal and chromatic elements with a strong emphasis on rhythm, and a special flair for descriptive and programmatic forms of music. Writing for orchestra, ballet, ensemble groups, choirs, solo and duo works for guitar, as well as songs and incidental music.

In her guitar works she has often drawn on “South African colour” for inspiration, recreating the sound of bird calls and some African instruments into her compositions. Like an actress she believes in experiencing, wherever possible, the composition she wants to create and this has taken her to many remote and exotic locations like the Okavango Swamps in Botswana for her piece Mokoro, which she believes has helped create her unique “African-inspired” flavour.

Classical Guitar Magazine UK said of Ms Kinsey’s works:

“Ingenious and evocative, the result of a fertile imagination … a master musician of unusual ability.” Colin Cooper

Composing commissions are welcome from individuals, institutions, organisations, as well as companies in the recording, TV 0r film industry.  To see a list of works or read more click here compositions and more .

To discuss any commission private or corporate, please kindly send your details in an email to:  or complete the form below and Avril will get back to you within 48 hours.