Guitar on Safari (CM01) & Score


Download the audio and score to this delightful book of fun music for students (Grade 2-6 level).

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The book and audio are a set of melodic and fun pieces very suitable for students ranging from a Grade 2 to 5 level of playing. Each piece comes with notes, hints and tips for learning the music. Ideal repertoire for guitar teachers and students. The complete set is available as score or audio, although it is recommended to purchase them together.

Track Title Composer Duration Price Listen to 15 secs
1-8 Safari (all tracks) A Kinsey 14:06 $6 Mp3
$6 Score
Listen below individually
1 Dawn Mist A Kinsey 01:39 Dawn Mist_Kinsey
2 Beat About the Bush A Kinsey 01:30 Beat Bush_Kinsey
3 Gentle Giants A Kinsey 01:37 GentleGiants_Kinsey
4 Jazzy Jump Antelope A Kinsey 01:33 Jazzy Jump_Kinsey
5 Sad Song A Kinsey 02:55 Sad Song_Kinsey
6 Cool Red Tango A Kinsey 01:37 CoolRedTango_Kinsey
7 Under the Stars A Kinsey 01:33 UndertheStars_Kinsey
8 Campfire Blues A Kinsey 01:24 CampfireBlues_Kinsey

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