FYNBOS SUITE (Guitar & Voices )

The Fynbos Suite should be performed with an exhibition of the paintings and was created with the intention of global responsibility to nature, to highlight the importance of nature within all our lives. Several movements are dedicated to significant classical guitarists of the 21st Century, Antigoni Goni, Sharon Isbin, Dimitris Kotronakis, Newman and Oltman, Kupinsky Duo and Dr Gregory Newton. 

This important new large scale chamber work the Fynbos Suite for 2 guitars and 6 voices (SSATBarB) composed by Avril Kinsey for her doctoral degree portfolio is inspired by the bio-diversity of South Africa’s Cape fynbos biome and its sensitive eco-system, as expressed in the fine art oil paintings of award winning artist Steven Felmore: stevenfelmore.com

Composed, with great stature and sensitivity by Kinsey in a Neo-Baroque style most suited to Felmore’s rhythmical paint techniques and sensitive layered textures of  colour and light. Felmore’s paintings capture the intense detail of a diverse and sensitive flora surviving against great odds within a symbiotic, but delicate eco-system.

Because fynbos is increasingly at risk from destruction through urbanisation, climate change, and from a proliferation of fires exceeding those within its normal growth cycle, this 9 movement suite and the paintings makes a very important contribution to South African culture, while also highlighting the fragility of nature throughout the rest of the world today.

  • Steven Felmore’s Livingston Daisy (Fynbos Suite – Preludio Prayer for SSATBarB)


  • Steven Felmore’s Wild Cancer (Fynbos Suite – Dance of the Yellow Splash Lichen for guitar)

  • Steven Felmore’s Stones & Flowers (Fynbos Suite – Stones & Flowers for 2 guitars)

 The form of the suite is structured according to the principle of concentric symmetry, the purpose of which is to draw the listener in as the work moves from the strong textured and dynamic outer voice movements to the more intimate and sensitive guitar solo movements in the middle. Overall, the nine movements also form an arch of dynamics, starting forte and then moving to quieter movements in the middle, and back to forte at the end.

The music begins with six voices in an a cappella chorale-like prayer to nature, entitled ‘Preludio Prayer.’ It moves towards the intimacy of two solo guitar movements in the middle, and includes a dramatic passacaglia for two guitars based on a fragment of a theme discovered on Egyptian papyrus (manuscript G2315), which was reputedly composed by Euripides (circa 480–406 BC). A joyful gigue for 2 guitars builds to beautiful song for soprano and tenor with guitar before proceeding to a climatic ending with a jubilant, and at times playful, ‘Glory to Nature’ for six voices with guitar.

To listen to the opening ‘Preludio Prayer’ for 6 voices and ‘Light on the Edge of Hope’ for Soprano, Tenor and Guitar dedicated to Antigoni Goni click below.

Preludio Prayer (SSATBarB) 1 Preludio Prayer
 Light on the Edge of Hope (S,T, Guit)


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