TLDM, PDM, MMus (cum laude), DMus (current)


Avril Kinsey is an award winning international concert guitarist, music lecturer, composer, published author and Founding Director of the Cape Town Academy of Music.

The Cape Town Academy of Music (CTAM) is a boutique academy specialising in music education with international accreditation through Trinity College London exam work. We offer grades in several instruments and voice, as well as theory of music, songwriting and composition classes. There are ATCL and LTCL courses in practical performance, music teacher certificates, as well as theory and composition studies.
Student Queries:
How do we apply? We set up a consultation/audition at which the student can ask all manner of questions.  We get to know your aspirations, goals, and levels of achievement and we advise accordingly. 
Do you offer bursaries? Yes, we do have a limited number of bursaries for talented deserving students in the second year of study. We cover 50% of deserving student’s international Trinity exam fees in any year of study.
Is it possible to work while studying at CTAM? Yes, the courses do allow students to do part time work, as long as it does not interfere in the student’s overall progress and submission of work. We encourage work in the creative and performance arts.
Does the academy offer accommodation? We are not a large facility, so students generally find their own accommodation. 
What are the costs? Fees are worked out based on the number of subjects the student takes, and start from as little as R7200. per year. Fees are subject to the length of the class, whether they are one on one lessons or group classes.
What is the registration fee? The registration/administration fee is also the consultation fee. So for an extensive consultation you have also covered your once off yearly fee of R250. 

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Students can study: MUSIC PERFORMANCE and/or COMPOSITION, MUSIC EDUCATION (theory and practical teaching), MUSIC JOURNALISM, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the BUSINESS of MUSIC. Read the CTAM PROSPECTUS  for details.

CTAM Music Career Training 2016

Microsoft Word - POSTER CTAM DIPLOMAS.docxSTUDENTS COMMENTS: The Certificate Course was one of the best years I experienced in music college. The lessons were informative and entertaining.  Avril Kinsey is an excellent teacher, you can feel her love of music in the way she teaches. Suaad Luna 

Avril coached me on every aspect of performing. The value of the lessons I learned extends far beyond the sphere of music. She has taught me the value of hard work, discipline and a positive attitude.The technique that I learned from Avril removed the physical obstacles to playing guitar, and her ‘can-do’ attitude removed the mental ones.
To have a teacher of Avril’s expertise is a rare and valuable opportunity. Steven Kukard

The certificate course is essential for any musician who is serious about making music their full time career. The material is not only easy to understand but it is also engaging and more importantly, makes learning interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the songwriting sessions … I’m so grateful to have met Avril. Since the course I am teaching full time and really enjoying it. I also will be performing next year in a major festival with international acts. Tanya Markowitsch

Avril’s enthusiasm for the guitar seemed to attract all participants like magnetism, and kindled a new zest for expression on the instrument. Her ability to to provide constructive criticism at all levels of playing provided each student of the various masterclasses with a sense of achievement and enrichment. Basil Heald

I remember being so impressed with your guitar style and thinking how amazingly beautiful your playing was. You definitely were one of the first people to fuel my love of the guitar! Thank you for that! Kathy Ashwell of Music Matters

Warrick Ryan’s singing career takes off – see this rising star who studied for his Music Artist Certificate under Avril at the Cape Town Academy of Music and achieved distinction – http://www.warrickryan.com/

Consult with Avril regarding one on one lessons, group classes, Skype lessons, or to find out if you qualify for acceptance into any of the Music Artist Certificate courses. Send an e-mail with QUERY CTAM in the subject line to: info.akinsey@mweb.co.za  Please include your contact information and as much detail as possible, or download the  CTAM PART Time Application form or  CTAM FULL Time Application form and/or complete the form below and we will get back to you in 24 hours. 

Avril plays and talks about her early days of composing for the classical guitar below ………

One of Avril’s most famous pieces for classical guitar is:  Mokoro (Song of the Water) 
‘This guitarist’s work is ingenious and evocative, the result of a fertile imagination … a master musician of unusual ability.’ Colin Cooper, Classical Guitar (UK). ‘William Walton’s Bagatelles…The complex detail was presented with clear precision…Elogia de la Danze by Brouwer, a tour de force.’ H Eckstein, Cape Times (SA). ‘Sharply focused eloquence and total brilliance … a sparkling finish to a recital which had delighted a full house.’ Dick Turpin, The Star Tonight (SA)